DiabPro - The Diabetic Protection Boot

Professional protection for feet

The DiabPro, short for Diabetic Protection, has a narrower sole width than other Shear Comfort footwear, and a posted support at the heel. This boot offers the same pressure redistribution and skin protection qualities as all Shear Comfort footwear, combined with a slimline design that makes it perfect for everyday use.

The narrower sole and reduced bulk gives the boot a sleek look, and is designed for active users who use the boots when walking around the house or outside, making it suitable for diabetic people. Two Velcro straps fasten the boot securely across the top. The sole can be built up with a rocker pad if required to assist in adjusting the gait pattern.

Shear Comfort Natural 

Our original medical sheepskin, on the original leather backing 

Shear Comfort Natural footwear can be washed with Shear Comfort  Wool Care Shampoo, or another appropriate leather wash at temperatures up to 80° C. 

All Shear Comfort products are machine washable, and guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes.

The DiabPro boot is sold in pairs.

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