Foot and Calf Plate Protectors

Soften the unforgiving parts of any wheelchair

Shear Comfort Foot and Calf Plate Protectors bring comfort and protection to otherwise unforgiving parts of the wheelchair. Elastic straps hold the sheep's wool pads in place, so you can enjoy extra protection and comfort in your wheelchair. 

NEW Single Foot Plate Protector

We now stock a footplate protector designed to fit over wheelchairs with a singular footplate, so you can enjoy Shear Comfort protectors whatever your style of wheelchair. 

Shear Comfort XD1900 

Fabric-backed medical sheep's wool, unique to Shear Comfort

XD1900 is medical sheep's wool unique to Shear Comfort, with a fibre density higher than even the very best natural sheepskins - which gives it superior pressure redistribution properties.

This is achieved by weaving natural wool to a fabric backing, and is not to be confused with artificial sheepskins created from synthetic ‘wool.’ We use natural wool, and treat it to ensure it can be repeatedly washed up to 80°C. Plus, because XD1900 has no leather backing, it can be washed with normal household detergent.  

Shear Comfort Natural 

Our original medical sheepskin, on the original leather backing 

Shear Comfort Natural targeted protectors can be washed with Shear Comfort  Wool Care Shampoo, or another appropriate leather wash at temperatures up to 80° C. 

All Shear Comfort products are guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes. 

All Foot and Calf Plate Protectors are sold as pairs, apart from the Single Footplate Protector which is sold singly. 

Lower left: Shear Comfort XD1900 Foot Plate Protectors
Lower central: Shear Comfort Natural Calf Plate Protectors


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