The comfort of your child is very important for their happiness, and yours. Sheepskin for babies has traditionally been used to keep them comfortable. But did you know that sheepskin can have other health and happiness benefits for infants too?

Weight gain

There have been a number of studies that illustrate the benefits of sheepskin for babies while sleeping. One study showed that the rate of weight gain in underweight new-borns was 61% higher when sleeping on a wool overlay compared to a cotton sheet (Scott and Richards, 1979 & Scott et al, 1983).

Improved Sleep

Babies have also been found to sleep better when on wool - Jaundiced newborns sleeping on wool were found to be more settled when sleeping compared to those on cotton. In one study only 30% of babies on wool cried as compared with 67% on cotton (Powley et al 1980). Sleep research on adults has also concluded that the quality of sleep is increased when on a wool overlay, according to polysomnographic analysis of brain waves (Dickson, 1984). This means that wool bedding may help your baby to sleep better, longer - and cry less as a result.


Babies affected by allergies can also benefit from wool bedding and a sheepskin pram liner. Wool is naturally dust-mite repellent and there have been no recorded cases of allergic reactions to medical sheepskin itself, which is certified as a safe medical product.

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